Winston Co, MS

Lowrey, Mary Ann md Jesse McGee 14 December, 1852
Lowrey, Martha md William W Clark 28 January, 1850
Lowrey, Sarah md Samuel T Durant 23 February, 1855
Lowrey, Wiley P md Elizabeth Vance 21 January, 1856
Lowrey, Amanda md Thomas Vowell 3 December, 1867
Lowrey, James Russell md Clarissa Ray 9 September, 1851

Natchitoches Parish, LA

Lowrey, Edward Riley md (1) Laura E Butler 16 May, 1897
Lowrey, Roseanna E md Charlie Hodges 26 January, 1888
Lowrey, Charles D md ? Perpond 9 July, 1864
Lowrey, William M (Sr) md Sarah Brown 6 April, 1864
Lowrey, William M (Jr) md Mary Martin 20 February, 1901
Lowrey, Frances md John Bright 23 November, 1881
Lowrey, John Leonard md Minnie J Harris 22 February, 1907
Lowrey, Edward Harrison md Louisa Stewart 25 July, 1861
Lowrey, Mary Jane md M B Chapman 2 June, 1876
Lowrey, Isaac Wesley md Mary M Beale 19 March, 1874
Lowrey, Sarah E md Joseph Sance 25 November, 1869
Lowrey, Hatley J md Mary Franks 8 May, 1877
Lowrey, Safrania Haseltine md G W Foster 9 May, 1883

Caldwell Parish, LA

Lowrey, Edward Riley md (2) Alice Gertrude Wilson ? 1950
Lowrey, Lawrence Edward md (2)Mary Bryant 8 January, 1946
Lowrey, Lawrence Edward md (1) Edna Weible 11 October, 1930
Lowrey, Lorey Alexander md Hattie Stapleton 6 September, 1932
Lowrey, Lessie V md Silas Melvin Hooter 10 May, 1929
Lowrey, Louella V md James S Howard 8 November, 1932


Lowry, Jane  married  Roe, Roan  on 18 Mar 1820  in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana
Lowery, R. J. B.  married  Magee, Mahala  on 07 Oct 1847  in Bossier Parish, Louisiana
Bullock, Mary A.  married  Lowery, George  on 23 Jan 1850  in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
Lowery, Elizabeth  married  Oliphant, Robert W.  on 14 Nov 1843  in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

New York Marriages, 1600-1784

James Brooks   married   Elizabeth Lowrey  11 Mar 1758
Euphæma Crawford  married  Joseph Lowrey  01 Apr 1757
Margaret Haburn  married  William Lowrey  14 Jul 1773
Barney Lowrey  married  Mary Blain  10 Sep 1760
Elizabeth Lowrey  married  James Brooks  11 Mar 1758
William Lowrey  married  Margaret Haburn  14 Jul 1773


Lowrey, Mary  married  Reives, Eli  on 09 Jan 1817  in Clarke County, Alabama
Hill, Tabytha  married  Lowery, John D.  on 21 Apr 1814  in Clarke County, Alabama
Lowery, Rachel  married  Reneau, James B.  on 19 Jul 1819  in Lawrence County, Alabama
Lowery, Polly  married  Watkins, Samuel  on 01 Jul 1824  in Madison County, Alabama
Lowery, Isabell  married  Tabler, John  on 24 May 1825  in Madison County, Alabama
Hodges, Flemming  married  Lowery, Martha  on 14 Apr 1823  in Morgan County, Alabama
Bradford, John  married  Lowery, Nancy  on 12 Sep 1825  in Shelby County, Alabama
Cameron, Martha  married  Lowery, Thomas  on 22 Sep 1825  in Shelby County, Alabama
Brown, Hardy  married  Lowry, Isabel  on 15 Feb 1815  in Madison County, Alabama
Lowry, Samuel  married  Tate, Elizabeth  on 28 Oct 1816  in Madison County, Alabama

Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920

Chas. L. Lowrey  married  Vanna Howard  26 Dec 1899  Dekalb
J. S. Lowrey  married  Ida Reece  17 Oct 1900  Dekalb
James Lowrey  married  Mary A. Funderburk  15 Jun 1854  Dekalb
A. P. Lowrey  married  Rebecca Frances Cave  24 Feb 1858  Dekalb
James M. Lowrey  married  Elizabeth Hawkins  15 Oct 1868  Dekalb
Francis M. Lowrey  married  Manossah Cook  16 Aug 1874  Dekalb
Jas. N. Lowrey  married  Cornelia J. Lewis  08 Nov 1876  Dekalb
W. A. Lowrey  married  Sarah T. Whited  30 Nov 1880  Dekalb
Chas N. Lowrey  married   Emma L. Rice 11 Jun 1882  Dekalb
G. M. D. Lowrey  married  Mary L. Corde  ll 02 Jan 1890  Dekalb
David R. Lowrey  married  Margaret L. Cook  26 Jul 1890  Dekalb
James M. Lowrey  married  Chaney Crow  18 Sep 1890  Dekalb
Adam Lowrey  married  Martha M. Harris  18 Dec 1890 Dekalb
Joseph C. Lowrey  married  Ada F. Hunter  05 Jul 1891  Dekalb
Leander Lowrey  married  Clanthy J. Arthur  13 Oct 1894  Dekalb
D. R. Lowrey  married  Sallie Spence  25 Dec 1898  Dekalb
George W. Lowrey  married  Martha F. Gray  15 Dec 1878  Fayette
James Madison Lowrey  married  Francina Ann Fowler  20 Jul 1882  Fayette
B. F. Lowrey  married  Emily Fowler  12 Sep 1890  Fayette
T. M. Lowrey  married  Nancy I. Sanford  04 Mar 1891  Fayette
T. M. Lowrey  married  L. C. Logan   01 Jun 1893  Fayette
W. G. Lowrey  married  M. A. Cockrell  28 Feb 1895  Fayette
Samuel A. Lowrey  married  Nellie S. Sanford  26 Dec 1897  Fayette
Thadens Lowrey  married  Nannie E. Shelby  22 Jan 1903  Fayette
Simon Lowrey  married  Elizabeth Turner  04 Jan 1849  Henry
A. J. Lowrey  married  H. M. Bigham  13 Apr 1879  Lamar
Wiley Lowry  married  Elizabeth Davidson  29 Oct 1858  Butler
Emily Lowry  married  Wm. Brownloo  23 Aug 1836  Jefferson
F. M. Lowry  married  F. B. Haiden  06 Jun 1869  Jefferson
Huldah Lowry  married  Calvin Glass  06 Sep 1871  Jefferson
Irving Lowry  married  Mary Gross  26 Mar 1870  Jefferson
Walter Lowry  married  Melinda Burks  13 Aug 1826  Jefferson
John T. Lowry  married  V. C. Combs  27 Sep 1883  Lamar
R. F. Lowry  married  Laura Minor  29 Jan 1890  Lamar
Warren M. Lowry  married  Virgin Stanford  26 Jan 1890  Lamar
J. T. Lowry  married  Cappie T. Combs  29 Jul 1890  Lamar
Richard H. Lowry married  Willie Ann Williams  23 Dec 1855  Macon
Thomas Lowry  married  Mary Stewart  27 Dec 1831  Madison
John W. Lowry  married  Nancy McCutcheon  17 Feb 1833  Madison
Edmund Lowry  married  Elizabeth Lowry  11 Nov 1865  Madison
Charles Lowry  married  Annie Richardson  08 Feb 1877  Madison
Thomas Lowry  married  Ally Meedy Fuller  29 Jun 1844  Perry
Squire Lowry  married  Elizabeth A Sanders  22 Dec 1845  Perry
Richard A Lowry  married Mary E Sanders  07 Jun 1859  Perry
Julius Lowry  married  Catherine Bates  28 Sep 1876   Perry
James Lowry  married  Mary Appleby  05 Oct 1879  Pickens
L. J. Lowry  married  I. B. Webb  24 Oct 1865  Shelby
Mary A. Lowry  married  Oliver McGraw  21 Oct 1865  Shelby
George W. Lowry  married  Lucinda Duberry (Dewberry)  05 Feb 1854  Talladega

Georgia Marriages, 1851-1900

Thomas Lowrey  married  Georgia McLendon  25 Feb 1875  Early
William Reid Cox  married  Lizzie L.Lowrey  22 Nov 1900  Terrell
A. B.Lowrey  married  Georgia A.Reddick  24 Jun 1877  Terrell
James A.Lowrey  married  Missouri L.Arrington  24 Sep 1890  Terrell
Elisha L.Lowrey  married  Bennett J.Mitchell  30 Jun 1892  Thomas
H. R.Lowrey  married  Delia Sanders  16 Oct 1897 Thomas
Samuel Lowery  married  Rebecca Prestwood  18 Jan 1863  Catoosa
M. D.Smith  married  P. L.Lowery  19 May 1897  Catoosa
J. W.May  married  Maggie Lowery  13 Dec 1900  Catoosa
Noah N.Lowery  married  Minerva E.Bexley  23 Dec 1856 Coweta
Heron R.Lowery  married  Elizabeth Regan  08 Oct 1876  Dodge
William A.Lowery  married  Queennan Warren  20 Dec 1877  Dodge
William Lowery  married  Nancy Williams  20 Feb 1893  Dodge
Henry A.McKinnon  married Isabelle S.Lowery  10 Dec 1899  Dodge
Willie Lowery married  Aannie Bowen  27 Jul 1900 Dodge
William Dawes  married  Martha Lowery  07 Apr 1889  Fannin
Benjamin E Dickey  married  Martha Lowery  08 Aug 1875  Fannin
Jack Dickey  married  Altha Lowery  22 Dec 1870  Fannin
Jason F.Franklin  married  Phebee Lowery  09 May 1876  Fannin
Charles Henry  married  Mary Lowery  29 Dec 1881  Fannin
Alfred Lowery  married  Ann Dickey  22 Dec 1870  Fannin
George Lowery  married  Letty Cross  01 Mar 1886  Fannin
Jack Lowery  married  W. E.Ross  14 Jan 1894  Fannin
John W.Lowery  married  Rachel A.Cole  02 Jul 1893  Fannin
Joseph Lowery  married  Adalla Martin  02 Mar 1883  Fannin
Adolphus Harris  married  Nancy Lowery  24 Sep 1899  Fannin
William Turner  married  Ada Lowery  05 Dec 1900  Macon
Andy L.Lowery  married  Mary Adams  30 Dec 1856  Pulaski
Joseph L.Lowery  married  Martha Jane Taylor  19 Nov 1856  Pulaski
Alexander Jr. Ragan  married  Nanie H.Lowery  25 Oct 1894  Pulaski
James R. Coley  married  Martha [Mrs] Lowery  05 May 1865  Pulaski
W. D. Etheridge  married  Angie E.Lowery  14 Feb 1867  Pulaski
Wash Terry  married  Sarah M.Lowery  09 May 1883  Schley
Joseph Lowery  married  Susannah Parker  02 Jan 1882  Telfair
W. A. Lowery  married  Catherine A.Rawlins  02 May 1881  Telfair
S. W. McLeod  married  Tobitha Lowery  10 Feb 1887  Telfair
J. L. Lowery  married  M. S. Yancy  11 May 1890  Telfair
Lawrence E.Lowery  married  Minie E.Henderson  13 Aug 1899  Telfair
H. H. Hart  married  Joseph Lowery 19 Oct 1899  Telfair
T. E. Davenport  married  Alice Lowery  25 Jun 1890  Terrell
Ransom Lowery  married  Emiline Williams  15 Feb 1868  Terrell
E. P. Lowery  married  Annie Horne  26 Sep 1899  Thomas
A.Brewer  married  Emma Lowery  14 Jan 1900  Troup
Jesse N.Green  married  Mary Jane Lowry  01 Oct 1860  Catoosa
James H.Lowry married  Mary E. Williams  03 Jan 1872  Catoosa
William Walker  married  Martha Lowry  10 Sep 1873  Catoosa
Jiles Lowry  married  Elizabeth Davis  05 Aug 1873  Catoosa
John Elliott Lowry  married  Mary Dillreed  17 Jan 1889  Catoosa
Charles Carter  married  Edy Lowry  07 Apr 1895  Catoosa
J. S. Lowry  married  G. A. Lacy  17 Nov 1896  Catoosa
William Brown  married  Maggie Lowry  09 Aug 1899  Catoosa
J. E. Lowry  married  Estelle Scruggs  21 Apr 1897  Dodge
Miles Lowry  married  Alice Graham  07 Mar 1893  Elbert
Duncan S. Ray  married  Caroline M.Lorwy  10 Nov 1858  Thomas
James Freeman Hadley  married  Mattie Lou Lowry  14 Mar 1897  Troup
Cicero Lowry  married  Georgia McGee  04 Jul 1874  Troup
Newton Sprayberry  married  Rebecca Lowry  10 Dec 1860  Troup
L. B. Lowry  married  Susie Hutchinson  24 Dec 1890  Wayne

Georgia Marriages to 1850

Alexander, Reuben married Lowrey, Martha 22 Jul 1842 in Carroll County, Georgia
Curtis, Mary Ann married Lowrey, William 08 May 1806 in Chatham County, Georgia
Lowrey, Isaac P. married Vestal, Nancy Jane 22 May 1842 in Forsyth County, Georgia
Baskin, Mary married Lowrey, Ison 11 Aug 1831 in Franklin County, Georgia
Hogg, Mary married Lowrey, Benjamin 20 Apr 1790 in Greene County, Georgia
Fields, Thomas married Kilgore, Sallie 19 Dec 1791 in Greene County, Georgia
Duckett, Josiah married Lowrey, Mary Ann 20 Apr 1848 in Habersham County, Georgia
Baker, Emily married Lowrey, John D. 28 Apr 1836 in Hall County, Georgia
Baxter, Andrew B. married Lowrey, Maryn 01 Jan 1849 in Murray County, Georgia
Leverett, Frances married Lowrey, James 01 Feb 1832 in Pike County, Georgia
Lowery, John Bennett married Mayfield, Susan 16 Feb 1843 in Campbell County, Georgia
Lowery, Elizabeth married Mckinney, Hiram 30 Nov 1829 in Carroll County, Georgia
Lowery, Elender married Sanford, George 29 Apr 1832 in Carroll County, Georgia
Higg, John married Lowery, Elizabeth 03 Oct 1833 in Forsyth County, Georgia
Ayers, Elizabeth married Lowery, John 03 Jul 1817 in Franklin County, Georgia
Lowery, John married Minorey, Mahala 22 Feb 1829 in Habersham County, Georgia
Lowery, Elizabeth married Plemmons, W. W. 24 Sep 1833 in Habersham County, Georgia
Ervin, Joseph F. married Lowery, Polly 24 Nov 1847 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowery, Rachel married Wilson, William 06 Sep 1821 in Jasper County, Georgia
Adams, Mary Ann married Lowery, Elisha 05 Apr 1831 in Jasper County, Georgia
Lowery, Andrew L. married Mclendon, Malinda 01 Nov 1846 in Laurens County, Georgia
Lowery, Dicey married Powell, Joshua 10 Feb 1839 in Lumpkin County, Georgia
Albritton, Mary Katherine married Lowery, Mechack 30 Nov 1840 in Murray County, Georgia
Ellis, Obed married Lowery, Martha Ann 24 Aug 1843 in Murray County, Georgia
Lowery, George W. S. married Plummer, Rachael Susana 12 Apr 1849 in Murray County, Georgia
Duke, Elbert married Lowery, Margaret 23 Jan 1840 in Muscogee County, Georgia
Lowery, Thomas F. married Wiggs, Prudence 10 Dec 1848 in Randolph County, Georgia
Day, J. C. married Lowery, Mary A. 01 Sep 1849 in Richmond County, Georgia
Lowery, David married Peel, Amelia 11 Dec 1839 in Stewart County, Georgia
Batay, Margaret C. married Lowery, A. P. 07 Jan 1841 in Stewart County, Georgia
Gorden, William married Lowery, Mary Annette 27 Feb 1841 in Stewart County, Georgia
Lowery, Matthew M. C. married Shackleford, Martha 17 Jul 1849 in Stewart County, Georgia
Lowery, Katherine married Quenn, John 16 Oct 1850 in Union County, Georgia
Lowery, Benjamin married Sanford, Martha 09 Feb 1834 in Walton County, Georgia
Lowery, Ann married Sanderford, Robinson 04 May 1834 in Walton County, Georgia
Forrester, Delilah married Lowery, Jacob 18 Oct 1835 in Walton County, Georgia
Forrester, Martin married Lowery, Elizabeth 27 May 1836 in Walton County, Georgia
Hayes, William married Lowery, Amy 19 Jan 1840 in Walton County, Georgia
Dodd, Christopher married Lowry, Sarah Ann 13 Jul 1839 in Cass County, Georgia
Love, Saleny married Lowry, Elisha 22 Sep 1839 in Cass County, Georgia
Leathers, Martha married Lowry, Green 02 Jan 1840 in Cass County, Georgia
Dodd, Angelina married Lowry, William B. 23 Jan 1840 in Cass County, Georgia
Dodd, Nancy Ann married Lowry, Daniel 31 Jan 1841 in Cass County, Georgia
Broach, Sarah Ann married Lowry, Newton 09 Jan 1845 in Chatham County, Georgia
Bradford, --- married Lowry, Fletcher 07 May 1844 in Cherokee County, Georgia
Fisher, Sarah M. married Lowry, John W. 22 Jul 1847 in Cherokee County, Georgia
Chapman, Mary married Lowry, Anderson D. 25 Jan 1849 in Cherokee County, Georgia
Lowry, William married Stephens, M. A. E. 02 Aug 1837 in Clarke County, Georgia
Lowry, Lucinda H. married Yates, John 03 Sep 1844 in Dekalb County, Georgia
Lowry, Juany F. married Scott, Wiley W. 20 Oct 1847 in Dekalb County, Georgia
Lowry, Meshack married Woodruff, Elizabeth A. C. 25 Jan 1849 in Dekalb County, Georgia
Brown, Hardie married Lowry, Deborah 05 Jan 1809 in Elbert County, Georgia
Lowry, Frederick D. married Rucker, Olevia 15 Dec 1836 in Elbert County, Georgia
Higs, John married Lowry, Elizabeth 03 Aug 1833 in Forsyth County, Georgia
Lowry, Charles married Toney, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1808 in Franklin County, Georgia
Cook, Burrel married Lowry, Ann 11 Oct 1808 in Franklin County, Georgia
Dorsey, Katy married Lowry, James 13 Oct 1808 in Franklin County, Georgia
Lowry, Nathan married Pool, Rebecca 20 Jul 1809 in Franklin County, Georgia
Cox, Elizabeth married Lowry, George 30 Sep 1813 in Franklin County, Georgia
Bond, Charity married Lowry, Benjamin 02 May 1815 in Franklin County, Georgia
Cook, Sarah married Lowry, David 09 Dec 1816 in Franklin County, Georgia
Lowry, John W. married Trimble, Elizabeth 28 Jan 1817 in Franklin County, Georgia
Lowry, James married Toney, Nancy 18 Feb 1817 in Franklin County, Georgia
Albritton, Eliza married Lowry, Amos 03 Dec 1822 in Franklin County, Georgia
Hand, Pollly married Lowry, Elisha 13 Dec 1832 in Franklin County, Georgia
Lowry, Margaret married Taylor, Silas W. 20 Jul 1836 in Glynn County, Georgia
Lowry, Ellen married Ratcliff, Richard B. 12 Feb 1839 in Glynn County, Georgia
Lowry, Mary Ann married Ratcliff, James M. H. 05 Sep 1846 in Glynn County, Georgia
Lowry, Basil married Yarbrough, Nelly 13 Sep 1832 in Habersham County, Georgia
Cook, Allen married Lowry, Ellendor 05 Sep 1820 in Hall County, Georgia
Hony, Leon married Lowry, Nancy 23 Dec 1824 in Hall County, Georgia
Lowry, Charles J. married Yarborough, Elizabeth 30 Dec 1832 in Hall County, Georgia
Hudson, Julia married Lowry, Isaac H. 30 Dec 1845 in Hancock County, Georgia
Bennett, Ann married Lowry, David 18 Mar 1817 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, Polly married Neel, James M. 05 Oct 1824 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, Mary R. married Mccullan, John J. 09 Feb 1825 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, John W. F. married Price, Jane 18 Sep 1827 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, Levi R. married Oliver, Lucinda Ann 03 Dec 1833 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, Osburn married Williamson, Luvisa 05 Oct 1836 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, John W. married Seay, Mary W. 15 Dec 1840 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lancaster, Nancy M. married Lowry, John M. 02 Nov 1848 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, Willis B. married Pollard, Elizabeth A. 20 Sep 1849 in Jackson County, Georgia
Lowry, George W. married Martin, Sarah 10 Aug 1820 in Jasper County, Georgia
Lowry, Ann L. married Richards, William B. 16 Mar 1836 in Jasper County, Georgia
Lowry, Elizar married Meriwether, Nicholas 29 Dec 1838 in Jasper County, Georgia
Greene, William L. married Lowry, Susan A. C. 05 Mar 1840 in Jasper County, Georgia
Green, Rhoda Ann married Lowry, William W. 17 May 1840 in Jasper County, Georgia
Lowry, Robert married Roberts, Patience 30 Dec 1806 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Loftin, Eli married Lowry, Jane 22 Dec 1808 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lofton, Angelany married Lowry, Andrew 25 Dec 1810 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Boatright, Mary married Lowry, George 09 Jun 1814 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Buzbay, William married Lowry, Rhoda 16 Jan 1816 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Fleeting, Sarah married Lowry, Thomas 17 Sep 1817 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Fleeting, Elizabeth married Lowry, John 16 Dec 1817 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lowry, William L. married Wright, Sarah 18 Feb 1835 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Guinn, John married Lowry, Martha S. 18 Jul 1836 in Jefferson County, Georgia
King, William married Lowry, Mary Jane 08 Feb 1838 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lewis, Franklin G. married Lowry, Agness 13 Jun 1839 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lowry, William C. married Wilson, Sarah A. J. 05 May 1840 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Anderson, Sarah A. married Lowry, William A. 08 Dec 1840 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Kenady, Martha A. married Lowry, Isaac A. 08 Dec 1840 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Darley, Tarlton married Lowry, Jane P. 18 Feb 1841 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lowry, Susan M. married Trimble, James C. 10 May 1845 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lowry, Lydia A. married Trimble, Joseph L. 29 Jun 1848 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Clarke, John W. married Lowry, Josephine A. 21 Jun 1849 in Jefferson County, Georgia
Lowry, Rebecca married Thomas, Absolam 16 May 1816 in Liberty County, Georgia
Hillsman, Bennet R. married Lowry, Lucinda[Mrs] 22 Dec 1836 in Morgan County, Georgia
Black, Matthew married Lowry, Lucinda 04 Oct 1848 in Murray County, Georgia
Lowry, Thomas married Stallings, Mary L. 02 Jan 1845 in Muscogee County, Georgia
Hunt, Dicey married Lowry, John 27 Sep 1805 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Lowry, Patsy married Wilson, Hiram 18 Apr 1821 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Long, Jonathan married Lowry, Emily 10 Feb 1839 in Pauling County, Georgia
Jones, James married Lowry, Frances 04 Jul 1833 in Pike County, Georgia
Bales, Lamanda married Lowry, John 05 Dec 1842 in Wilkinson County, Georgia

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Lawring, Nancy married Alexander, Cyrus W 23 June 1835
Lawring, Ann married Allen, Benjamin 14 Jan 1797
Lowrie, Peggy married Cook, Thomas 21 Dec 1807
Lowry, Mary married Irvin, David 29 Oct 1843
Lowrie, Lydia M married Oats, Bailey 24 Mar 1825

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